24/7 Contactless Service Kiosk

Express Check in KioskWilsonville Subaru is always looking for ways to make your experience better. Which is why we have launched our 24/7 Service Kiosk. Located to the right of the Service Entrance, the Kiosk is completely contactless and allows you to do business with us according to your schedule and comfort level. Day or night, you can check-in or pick up your vehicle for service by following the prompts on the screen and dropping your keys in the locked key box.
You will receive a text message and/or email notifying you of vehicles progress from start to finish. Your service adviser will also be connecting with you along the way for any immediate questions or concerns. When your service is complete, your keys will be returned to the service kiosk, unless you request otherwise. You can even pay via text or at the kiosk at the time of pick-up.
Schedule your next service appointment with Wilsonville Subaru online, via text, or over the phone where service drop off and pick-up is available 24/7. We look forward to ensuring you the best service and wish you well on your many Miles Ahead.
How to Drop Off
  1. Park your vehicle in our designated service area
  2. Walk into the Service department doors and turn right to the kiosk
  3. Select “Vehicle Check-In” on the screen and follow the prompts
  4. Place your vehicle key in the secure drop box
  5. Your service advisor will communicate with you about your vehicles progress and notify you when your vehicle is ready to be picked up
How to Pick Up
  1. Walk into the Service Kiosk area
  2. Select “Vehicle Pick-Up” on the screen and follow the prompts
  3. One of the numbered boxes will open with your keys ready for you inside
  4. Your vehicle will be parked just in the same area you left it, outside of the service area



Q: Do you have to have an appointment to use this kiosk?
A: Appointments are highly encouraged! It is possible to schedule an appointment on the kiosk for same day drop-off, but we cannot guarantee when your vehicle will be ready if it is not scheduled ahead of time.

Q: How far in advance can you drop off a set of keys?
A: Up to two days early.

Q: How long can they keys be in the drop box before I pick-up my vehicle?
A: We will hold your keys in the lock box for up to 48 hours, or next business day.

Q: Can I drop off at the box, but still pay in person with my Service Advisor? Or drop off with my Service Advisor, but pick up at the kiosk?
A: Yes! Just speak with your service advisor to ensure your wishes for service are met!

Q: What communications can I expect by using this service?
A: You’ll receive a QR code if you are paying at the kiosk, otherwise all communications will come from your Service Advisor, the same as they always have!

Q: How soon can I expect service to be done on my vehicle when using the kiosk?
A: Length of service time is dependent on the work your vehicle needs. To get an understanding of time, speak with your Service Advisor.

Q: Are there additional language options on the kiosk?
A: Currently, only English is supported at this time.

Q: Can I pay online and use this service?
A: Yes! Speak with your Service Advisor about payment options!

Q: What do you mean by contactless?
A: If you prefer to not have any in-person interaction, this kiosk makes this possible. The unit itself is also equipped with an anti-microbial screen covering that sanitizes as the screen heats up and hand sanitizer is available inside the kiosk area.