Guest Advocate

What does a Wilsonville Subaru GUEST ADVOCATE do?


Guest Advocates are the key component in our One Person, One Price, No Bull business philosophy and sales process. These highly-trained sales professionals are responsible for providing exceptional customer service to all of our prospective new and used vehicle buyers. They take care of customers “from drive-up to delivery.


As a Wilsonville Subaru Guest Advocate, you’ll greet customers as they arrive, introduce them to our beautiful facility and No Bull sales process, and get to know their wants and needs so you can provide the best vehicle ownership solution. It’s not just about the car! Customers will entrust you with their personal and confidential information so you can help them find the best answers to their financing questions.


In addition, Guest Advocates help future customers with research so they have all the information they need to make the best, informed decision. So you’ll become a product expert, learning everything you possibly can about every vehicle in the Subaru lineup PLUS the variety of cars, trucks, SUVs and Minivans in the Used Car Inventory.


In short, our Guest Advocates strive to know everything about their job, their customers, and their products to truly see each prospective customer through to a tailored, personalized, car buying – and owning – experience.

What makes a great Guest Advocate?

Relying on our 10 years of experience perfecting the No Bull sales processes at our sister store, Wilsonville Toyota, we’ve learned that the best Guest Advocates have nearly as varied a background as our customers do: Military veterans and former law enforcement officers, teachers and students, retail, office, and manufacturing. You name it! (Although not required, a college degree is preferred.)

What our most successful Guest Advocates have in common is that they love helping customers. Some have sold cars before but many have not. Most have had some success at selling or consulting in their past. The more you like cars, the more quickly you will absorb the product information. The better you are at math, the more adaptable you can be to customers’ unique financial needs. Most of all though, the more you love serving customers, the better you’ll be at this job.

How much do Guest Advocates make?

Wilsonville Subaru Guest Advocates get a great pay plan and bonus structure – with weekly paychecks – in addition to a top-notch benefits plan that includes affordable health insurance (medical, dental and vision), paid time off, and retirement savings. Based on our experience with our sister store, we expect that our average Guest Advocates will earn significantly above their peers in the car business. Our top performers will earn six-figure incomes.

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