Lot Attendant – Sales

What does a LOT ATTENDANT in the Sales Department do?

Wilsonville Subaru Sales Lot Attendants have lots of big and little tasks that end up as one big job: Making Things Look Great!

First, when a customer decides to purchase a car from us, it’s a day they’ll remember for a very long time. So it’s really important that the car looks the best that it ever will. Our lot attendants put all the final touches on the car making sure it’s got a full tank of gas, looks amazing, and is ready for its new home.

But before a customer buys the car, they saw that car on our clean lot surrounded by lots of other inventory too. Our lot attendants have the huge task of making sure those vehicles are presented in the best possible manner to fresh customers. This means driving cars, moving them around so they look the best.

Sales lot attendants have a direct hand in customer service too. We may call on any member of the team to help deliver a car to a customer’s home, or pick up a vehicle.

These are just a few of the jobs that make up the Sales Lot Attendant position and there are many more. The more flexible our team members are and the more they enjoy a job that varies from one day to the next, the more they love coming to work every day as a lot attendant.

What makes a great Wilsonville Subaru Sales Lot Attendant?

First off, you’d have to love being busy. There is always something to do as a lot attendant. Tasks sometimes stack up and the day really flies by. So you simply have to love the variety and seeing how much you can get done in a day.

Since this is an entry-level position, there’s not much required beyond a valid driver’s license with a clean record and the willingness to stay positive and work hard everyday. It’s a great opportunity for somebody new to the workforce but desires the chance to be recognized and rewarded. It’s also good for someone who has work experience and wants to try things out in the automotive world. Many team members have moved on from the lot attendant position to higher-level jobs in our sales and service departments.

What do the pay and benefits plans look like?

Wilsonville Subaru Sales Lot Attendants can expect an excellent starting wage with regular performance reviews. In addition to weekly paychecks, you get access to our top-notch, affordable health insurance plan which includes medical, dental, and vision for you and your family. We have many additional benefits for our team members including company discounts at our dealerships, paid time off, and a great retirement savings plan.

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