Professional Receptionist


Our Wilsonville Subaru customers come from every walk of life. They work hard and spend weeks or months researching their next vehicle purchase or service. When they’ve made the choice to visit our dealership, our Receptionist team starts customers on the journey to their best dealership experience EVER!

Our Receptionists think on their feet, answering calls, directing vendors, welcoming visitors, and more. They could be handing out fruit snacks to little ones or directions to the best little local Italian restaurant. Their friendly, positive attitudes radiate to all corners of the store. Customers never know how busy our receptionists are, but WE know.

What makes a great Wilsonville Subaru Professional Receptionist?

Three things typically determine someone’s success in our reception team:

1. Friendliness. Our best receptionists are often mentioned in our customer reviews as a reason people like to come here.

2. Great communication skills. After a smile, customers and employees alike really need their questions answered promptly and accurately.

3. Being a multitasking expert. There’s very little quiet time at the reception desk. At any given moment our receptionists are doing 2 or 3 things at once and never missing a beat. Oh, and they do it all with a smile.

What do the pay and benefits plans look like?

Wilsonville Subaru Receptionists can expect an excellent starting wage with regular performance reviews. In addition to weekly paychecks, they get access to our top-notch, affordable health insurance plan which includes medical, dental, and vision for individuals and families. We have many additional benefits for our team members including company discounts at our dealerships, paid time off, and a great retirement savings plan.

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