Sales Manager

What does a SALES MANAGER do?

The SALES MANAGERS at Wilsonville Subaru are in charge of one thing: People. They are the Captains of the Guest Experience ship and will do everything in their power to make sure Guest Advocates have all the tools to ensure guests have a great visit with us, whether they buy from us or not. So what does a Wilsonville Subaru Sales Manager do? They teach. They listen. They grow team members and teams. They promote. They help. They make sure that the Guest Experience delivered is in line with the No Bull vision.

Is being a SALES MANAGER at Wilsonville Subaru any different from being one at any other dealership?

At a traditional dealership, sales managers are “the hammer.” They are the last line of defense in some dealerships’ models of maximizing profit on a car deal. They’re often hidden behind one-way mirrors or smoked glass and guests typically don’t get to talk to them unless they said “no” to something in negotiation. They’re the ones that traditional salespeople have to talk to every time the guest asks a question like, “How much is it?” or “What’s my interest rate?” or “How much is my trade-in worth?”

At Wilsonville Subaru, that whole back-and-forth between the salesperson, the closers and the sales managers goes out the window. First, our salespeople are Guest Advocates. They’re more process driven and held accountable to a higher standard. They work WITH the guest to figure out the best purchase and ownership solutions for their guests. (Also…NO CLOSERS!)

What makes a great Sales Manager?

Simply put, they have a track record of executing on the ownership vision and can achieve it through others. They know how to build a great team. They understand goals and are never happy missing them (or even just meeting them sometimes). They are leaders, not just in the data but in the way they go about things in the store. They know that there are a million ways to deliver a great Guest Experience and are happy to share that knowledge with their teammates. They enthusiastically contribute to the Constant Improvement discussion.  Most of all, they know how to positively bring out the BEST in their teams.

Our Sales Managers accomplish all of the above WITHOUT relying on dropping the price or “throwing something in.” As a true One Price store, the price is posted on the car, and that’s it. We give guests our absolute best offer on their trade right up front, and that’s it. If you can teach team members how to deliver on guests’ desire to get the best deal using tools other than dropping price (not even a little!), this might be your new dealership home.

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