Service Advisor

What does a SERVICE ADVISOR do?


Our Service Advisors are our owners’ human connection to their Subaru for the life of their ownership experience. Whether it’s their first service visit while that unique new WRX car smell is still strong, or whether their Forester is clicking over 100,000 miles (or more!), Subaru owners have a unique relationship with their car. It’s up to our Service Advisors to listen and earn owners’ trust and respect. That can only be accomplished through honesty and efficiency in the service drive.


Service Advisors take responsibility for each vehicle while it’s in the shop and long after it leaves. They make personalized recommendations to owners for services that complement their individual ownership challenges. They understand what it means for a guest to take time out from their busy lives to bring their cars in for service. They know that people want to get what they need and get back on the road, knowing that all issues have been addressed.


It’s expected that the Wilsonville Subaru Service Department will be among the busiest in the Northwest. So, our Service Advisors need to be great at what they do. They must stay in a constant state of training and awareness. They have to encourage their service teams to treat every car like it’s the most important car in the shop right now. They understand their mission and strive to meet their goals and those of the department. They are Subaru experts.

What makes a great Wilsonville Subaru Service Advisor?

Top candidates for Service Advisor will have considerable experience in both customer service and automotive know-how. This is a technical consulting position and will take advantage of every ounce of experience you have. We will also strongly consider college graduation in lieu of experience. Great Service Advisors perform best under pressure. They know that the guest is number one and accept nothing less than excellence from themselves and their teams.

What do the pay and benefits plans look like?

First off, we take care of all of those who take care of our guests.Considerable thought and experience goes into the Service Advisor pay and bonus plans. Our top performers are recognized and rewarded. In addition to weekly paychecks, you get access to our top-notch, affordable health insurance plan, which includes medical, dental, and vision for you and your family. We have many additional benefits for our team members including company discounts at our dealerships, paid time off, and a great retirement savings plan.

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