Subaru DriverFocus Improves Safety While Driving

June 22nd, 2023 by

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Experience the cutting-edge technology of Subaru DriverFocus, designed to prioritize your safety and combat distracted driving. Initially introduced in the 2019 Forester, this groundbreaking feature, in collaboration with Subaru Eyesight Driver Assist, revolutionized braking and collision avoidance. However, DriverFocus offers more than just attention monitoring. As we embrace the future of automotive transportation and safety, Subaru aims to address common questions and concerns while ensuring drivers fully understand and utilize this remarkable technology.

DriverFocus effectively mitigates distractions by employing facial recognition technology to detect if a driver is using their phone or exhibiting signs of drowsiness. The software can store preferences for up to five drivers, automatically adjusting mirrors and seats accordingly. Should the driver’s gaze drift from the road or glance at a phone, the car triggers visual and audible alerts, redirecting their focus back to the task at hand. While quantifying the exact reduction in collisions is challenging, it is undeniable that this technology has had a positive impact on Subaru vehicle safety.

While DriverFocus enhances safety, Subaru understands the importance of personal driving preferences. For those seeking more freedom, the feature can be easily deactivated via a button conveniently located on the left side of the steering wheel. Additionally, the settings allow users to add or remove registered drivers and even customize a unique greeting for your Subaru! DriverFocus is available in Outback, Forester, and Legacy models from 2019 onwards. It exclusively operates with registered users, and driver information can be added by accessing the settings menu. Here, the car scans the driver’s face, automatically adjusting mirrors and settings to their preferences.

Critics and Reddit users have raised concerns about potential flaws and invasiveness of the technology. However, rest assured that Subaru’s privacy policy explicitly states that no information is collected from this data.



While DriverFocus may differ from a traditional driving experience, its primary purpose remains paramount: ensuring the safety of both drivers and passengers. Although it may be tempting to disable or remove this feature (which we strongly advise against), we encourage you to embrace DriverFocus and create a safer, more comfortable driving environment for everyone on the road. Furthermore, by utilizing this feature, you may even benefit from excellent insurance incentives for being a responsible driver.

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Let Subaru DriverFocus enhance your driving experience and make safety a priority on the road!


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