Timing Belt Replacement

Wilsonville Subaru Timing Belt Replacement

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The parts under your Subaru’s hood are always hard at work, so it makes sense that over time, they will wear down. Your car’s recommended maintenance booklet will include the intervals in which you should have your timing belt replaced. The timing belt is what controls your engine’s camshaft, and if it breaks, it could cause costly damage to your engine. So make sure you avoid any unnecessary engine issues by replacing your timing belt at the appropriate intervals.
How do I know if I need a new timing belt?

  • If your vehicle has dark, heavy exhaust fumes
  • If you hear a loud, screeching noise when you start the engine
  • If your engine won’t turnover, or takes excessively long to turn over


If any of the above are true for your Subaru, it may be time for a new timing belt. Ready to make an appointment? Schedule an appointment today

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