Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

Wilsonville Subaru Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

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Valve cover gaskets help ensure the seal between the cylinder head and valve cover is tight. Due to the high temperatures the gaskets endure, they will likely crack over time, which could lead to the gasket leaking and causing oil leaks in the process. Since your Subaru’s engine is reliant on oil, it is essential that you make sure your valve cover gaskets are in good shape. Avoiding replacing them could lead to damage to the vehicle’s engine.
How do I know if I need my valve cover gaskets replaced?

  • If you smell burning oil while the engine is running
  • If the valve cover is leaking oil
  • If your oil level is low


If any of the above are true for your Subaru, it may be time for new valve cover gaskets. Ready to make an appointment? Schedule an appointment today

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