Love Promise: 10 Years of Victory Academy

December 11th, 2018 by

In October of 2018, Wilsonville Subaru joined the Victory Academy in celebrating their 10th birthday.

Love Promise letter from Victory Academy: 

On Saturday, October 20th, Victory Academy celebrated its 10th birthday during the school’s annual auction. We are incredibly grateful to the 400-plus friends and family who attended and supported Victory, including Wilsonville Subaru, one of our Platinum Sponsors. Together, we raised a record-breaking $700,000 to help fund Victory’s specialized programs, therapies, and curriculum for children and teens affected by Autism.

This year, our elementary students from the Pine Classroom performed A Million Dreams, with lyrics that capture the heart of Victory: I think of what the world could be / A vision of the one I see / A million dreams is all it’s gonna take / A million dreams for the world we’re gonna make! 

In addition, three students—Davis (high school), Max (middle school), and Neha (elementary school)—participated in Victory’s own version of The Tonight Show. Interviewed by Transition Specialist, Molly Smith, these three students inspired us with their stories, reflections, and joyful insights about Victory and life!

Thank you, Victory Community! Thank you to Wilsonville Subaru — our dedicated friends and work experience partners! Thank you for your love, support and encouragement.

Victory Academy

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