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If you are planning any summer adventures this year, we could safely bet your Subaru will be along for the ride. Subaru’s are known for their ability to travel across any terrain, and are often touted as the ultimate AWD camping vehicle. What if I told you we had some upgrades to make your vacation even better? The Wilsonville Subaru parts department carries a ton of aftermarket accessories ready to take your road trip to the next level. Lets dive in!

Top Subaru Accessories at Wilsonville Subaru

  1. Crossbars

The best way to attach all your summer adventure accessories to your vehicle is with a crossbar. Attached safely to the top of your car, this allows storage for tents, sleeping bags, and even boxes of supplies for your trip. These crossbars easily fit to your vehicles roof rack, giving you extra support and keeping your cargo from resting on the roof of your Subaru.

  1. Trailer hitches

This one is self-explanatory, but a trailer hitch can allow your Subaru to go a long way. Whether it be bike racks or towing a small trailer, a hitch can transform your vehicle and expand your adventures. Check your Subaru manual for towing specifics to not put extra unnecessary strain on your vehicle. For towing capacities of all Subaru’s, please refer to our blog.

  1. All weather floor mats and cargo tray

Fitted for your Subaru, these mats will protect you from stains, dog hair, and debris. All-weather floor mats are easy to keep clean and offer the best value. If you live where there’s frequent snow or rain, then all-weather floor are made for you. One disadvantage of all-weather floor mats is that they’re usually only offered in three colors that include tan, gray, or black. (Coincidentally the colors of Subaru interiors)

  1. Thule baskets and cargo boxes

If you’re in the market for a rooftop cargo box, there’s no shortage of high-quality options to choose from in 2022. They are a great for traveling with all your gear and leaving room inside. Wilsonville Subaru recommends THULE products based on their quality and cost, as well as look and feel on your Subaru. Baskets and cargo boxes can come in all shapes, sizes, and orientations so it is easy to find one that best fits you and your ride.

  1. Rear seat back protector

Great for protecting the back of your rear seat when the seats are folded flat. Keep items from tearing the carpet in your car and scratching the plastic seats when hauling large loads. Liquids and dust won’t stand a chance against these seat protectors! Fitted for your Subaru, these come for most makes and models. A rear seat protector is a must have for those who have dogs or always have the rear seats folded down. They also keep your seats looking like new!

We hope this list was able to give you some ideas on how to upgrade your Subaru. These are some of the best selling items that we carry, but they are just the tip of the iceberg! To browse more Subaru parts and accessories, please visit our parts center page. If you would like to check out our selection in person, just swing by our parts department! One of our trained Subaru parts specialists can help you find just the right parts for your vehicle.

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